What We Offer

Boulders & Baskets

We have Boulders the size of small pebbles to the size of a small car. Baskets of boulders as well.


We sell many varieties of stone for all of your projects large and small. Including, Sand Stone and Barn Stone, Flag Stone, Limestone #57 and #1&2, Wash Gravel #57 and #34, Canadian Blue Stone #34


Many of our soils offer a nutritious blend of loam, sand & composted material.

Colored Mulch

Red, Brown, Black… Most colors available!

Double Shredded Mulch

Shredded hardwood mulch. It has a rich brown color. This mulch is one of the best mulches for plants. As the mulch breaks down, it releases these nutrients and feeds the plants it is protecting.

Triple Shredded Mulch

This mulch is extra fine so it looks great, spreads like a blanket, and covers more of your landscape. Great for weed control.


Dry seasoned firewood


Makes great garden mulch, it shades the ground, helps retain moisture, and helps reduce weeds that sprout in your garden.